Specs Video/Audio for postproduction

AVID/Final Cut PRO

Quicktime mov H264 codec, [1280×720 [16:9], 640×360 [16:9 small],
audio 48kHz 24 bit or 16 bit. Other formats are also possible, please send them a day before the audio post production.

If there is audio, sync or a guide track, please put the track(s) in the video file.

Send us AAF or OMF.
Settings: 48kHz, 16bit/24bit/32bit. chose extra length (handels 2 sec).
Extra Audio/Music as wav 48kHz of Aiff. or Mp3 256 kbit.

How to deliver digital 
On Harddisc, Stick or or FTP server.
We will give you an inlog name and password.