Voices can be booked directly via us:


Special Rates !
No home-studio needed and yes:  text direction !


CENTERVOICE is een sevice of CENTERSOUND formed by of a group of voices that are living in Amsterdam and quick can visit us on a bicycle or scooter for a job. So no home-studio and yes: text direction is our motto !  Paul Simon is responsible for the handling and booking of CENTERVOICE. Check it out at voices on the CENTERSOUND  for the samples of the available voices and the special rates for this service.

Since the year 1990 we are experience in voice-recordings for Commercials, Coporatefilms, Voice-Response applications, Dubbing, Multimedia and also Events.

We advise you in choosing the right voice for your project. Direction of the voice artists and actors is our daily job. Voices can be booked via us.

You can choose from 3 voice-samples.  There is a possibillity to hear the voices directly through the telephone via the special free telephone number 0800 – 783 65 387.