Dierenlot TV commericials

 Voice over Ilse Warringa. Produced by Dennis Brussaard [DLGR] & Jane van den Berg [Dierenlot].

Ilse Warringa


IVR recordings for the UPC platvorm in the languages:  Netherlands, German, Italian and English. Voice talents Odile Bouineau, Simonetta Ronconi, Meina Kentner & Lucy Brownhill. 


Odile BouineaU


Influence, a documentary podcast series by Damian Bradfield, CCO of WeTransfer.

 ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’.

Damian Bradfield

Recorded by Centersound. Produced by Rachel Swaby.

On Spotify:


AMFREF Flying Doctors TVC by HotelRebel, editing by Chilo van Oostergetel. Voice Over Randall Randamie.

‘Dangerous Roads’

for Powned with Edson da Graça and Michael Boogerd, Janice Forester and Daniel Boissevain, Rintje Ritsma and Gaby Blaaser. Voice over Eric Corton.

Audiopost Centersound.

TV commercial for the  National Museumweek. Voice over Vincent Croiset. Zcene Media. 


New Album now on Spotify:

Dierenlot TV commericials

Voice over Piet Hellemans. Produced by Dennis Brussaard [DLGR] & Jane van den Berg [Dierenlot].


TV Promo’s for The Dreamworks Channel. Voice over Floor Paul.

Groene Reiger. ‘Thinking like a bird’ for Royal NIOZ, Wadden Systems Reseach Center |ScienceMedia. Opdrachtfilm 2019

Silver Dophin for ‘Make your brand fly’  Amsterdam Airport Schiphol | Zcene Moving Media. Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2019.

‘Zwarte Schuur’ bestseller of Oek de Jong

Uitgeverij Atlas Contact.



Final vocals for the new album of Spectral Display sith A3ana, Maxine & Paul Simon.  

More info



The Trust Manifesto – by Damian Bradfield

Audiobook recorded with the CEO of WeTransfer Damien Bradfield. 



Now on spotify ‘It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love’
(Reggae Version)            &              (Remix)








Exciting news ! ‘It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love’ [Michel Mulders-Henri Overduin] is featured in de film “Straight Up” of LA-based Valparaiso Pictures, world premiere on the Frameline Festival in San Francisco.



‘De Goede Zoon’ van Libris literatuur prijs winnaar Rob van Essen



Voice over opname with Lieke van Lexmond for a film for AMREF Flying Doctors. 

Promos for History Channel & Crime Investigation

Every other week. Voice overs: Tim Gunther & Joey Heereman. Direction Bert van Kruijssen.

Metro announcements for RET

Voice over: Claire King & Carolina Mout 


‘We make your brand fly’

Gold Medal for Zcene moving media !, The New York Festivals  ‘We make your brand fly’ for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
Sounddesign & Audiopost Centersound. Voice-over Boet Schouwink.


RC, TV commercials ‘The National Museumweek 2019’.

Voice over Rayme Sambo. Zcene Movingmedia, Thera Westerhout.


TV, RC commercials & Billboards for the Week without meat



  IVR recordings in 8 languages for Tommy Hilfiger & Clavin Klein 
E-learning for Krauthammer. Voice-over Lucy Browhill & Tim Gunther


Centersound composed music for Vonk18.


De Nieuwe Garde

Voice-over recordings De Nieuwe Garde, Warner Bros. Paul Rabbering. Videoland. 

Boxing Stars

Audiopost voor Boxing Stars, Fabiola TV. VO Ruben Nicolai.


Vreugdenhil – Captain Energy

Mandarijn voice recording with the beautiful voice of Yang Hua for Vreugdenhil. Engineer Paul Simon. Production Captain Energy, Petri Brink & Jan Fabel. 

‘Integrity dilemma’s’ | Police Nederland | Zcene Moving Media


Silver Dolfin Cannes 2018

Soundscape/Muziek and audiorecordings for Zcene Moving Media.


OOI – Sience Media

Always nice to work with Denise Rivera !,A production for Sience Media, Dan Brinkhuis, Dick Peterse, Saskia Madlener. 


Audio recording with Derek de Lint for TV-commercials Bol Piano’s.


TV-commercial Indeed.

Voice-over Jeroen Spitzenberger, copyright Pascal Boogaert.


Audiopost Production for Gordon in Wonderland, Vincent TV.


Promos for the TV-channel Crime & Investigation. 
Voice over Joey Hereman.

OnderhoudNL  Radio/TV campagne:   

Fabienne de Vries / MZoem
Recording/Audiopost/Soundlogo: Centersound

 ING Voice Control

ING Voice Control2ING_Logo


Voice over recording Maeve van der Steen. Direction Mark van Welzenis. 


Sporen – Danniel Danniel

Music: Michel Mulders

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 04.44.44


Drive-instructions for: ‘YPR-765 Pantservoertuig’, ‘CV9035 Pantservoertuig’ & ‘Boxer Pantservoertuig’.
Voice over Tim Gunther.

jubileumlogoliggendHet OTCRij

Boxer Pantservoertuig

Randstad Award 

Randstad Award. Voice Over Adam Fields. 


 Algemene Vergadering Rabobank

For Zcene Moving Media Company we provided the mixing of the films for the Algemene Vergadering Rabobank.



Johma TV-commercials

Johma TV-commercials. SKET Film. Regie Sander Ligthart. Voice Over Ernst Daniel Smits.


The Duch Challenge – Talmon – BuZa

Op 23 April vond de officiële preview party plaats van de nieuwe film en digiles die Talmon in opdracht van het Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken ontwikkelde. The project consists of a  film and a digi-lesson. Meant for all children across the country. It gives a good image about The Netherlands and its Netherlanders.  We recorded the voice-overs with teenagers in the languages Englishm French, German, Spanish and Dutch. Direction:  Paul Simon & Michel Mulders.

The Dutch Challenge


Douane Nederland Corporate Trailer

Douane Nederland Enforcement

Voice Over Tim Gunther [UK] & Kenan Raven [NL].

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 16.38.18

NOCNSF TV-commercials/radiocommercials

NOCNSF 3 tv-commercials Kjeld Nuis, Nicolien Sauerbreij & Esmé Kamphuis. 3 Radiocommercials. Voice Over Erik de Vries


Miele TV-commercialW1 

Miele tv-commercial & TagOn. Voice Over Boet Schouwink

Miele W1

BP Fleet Move

BP Fleet Move. Video productions for Withagen Moving / MSL. Uk version  [Dan Strauss], DE version  [Stefan Sattler] Recording/Postproduction  CENTERSOUND.

BP_Logo.svg   ‘Dat doen ze goed’

Radio commercial campaign for ‘Erkende Verhuizers‘  voice over Thom Hoffman. Below Carla Gillemans of Erkende Verhuizers and voice over Thom Hoffman. Soundlogo CENTERSOUND.


ING Event, A Future Heritage NN

ING Insurance announced  its plans to rebrand in the future as ‘NN’, a new identity that balances the heritage and Dutch roots with the requirements of an international and future-proof brand. The presentation took place with a spectacular Watch Out Presentation of Zcene Moving Media on a screen of 40 by 10 meters.  Sounddesign Studio MM.



Virb – Garmin


Introduction of VIRB by Garmin. Voice-over Kenan Raven.  It records true HD 1080p video. In addition to 1080p@30fps, you adjust resolution and filming speed for crisp, dramatic slow motion up to 120fps. And it’s all seen through our WideVü lens and processed through 16 megapixel CMOS sensor. 1080p@30fps, 960p@48fps, 720p@30/60fps, 848×480@120fps.

Miele Product Video’s

Miele Product Video’s. Voice-Over:  Carolina Mout [Recording Centersound].


In the picture below: Carolina Mout & Robert Bakker [Manager Marketingcommunications & Public Relations]


Interim Results – Rabobank

Rabobank Video CEO and CFO. The presentation of Rabobank Group’s interim results was held in Utrecht on August 22nd. Voice-over:  Tim Gunther. Zcene Moving Media.

Rabobank   Rabobank Halfjaarcijfers

It Takes A Muscle – Song Of The Day


It Takes A Muscle by M.I.A.                                   PLAY   Download
It Takes A Muscle by Spectral Display                    PLAY   Download 
Movie Clip – It Takes A Muscle        PLAY 

Bosnian & Serbian language – TomTom

For TomTom Navigation we recently recorded and directed 2 new languages: Bosnian and Serbian. They can be downloaded soon from the TomTom website.

TomTom world

VMBO lesmateriaal – Edumedia Eisma

For Eisma Edumedia we recorded new material for their VMBO english lessons 2013. Direction, casting, audio, music and effects by Centersound.




Crucell corporate movie (short version)  –  Rodin Filmproductions



Corporate film for ‘Runbook‘  SAP software Module produced by  More To


International Award Event 2013 – Randstad

Randstad International Award Event 2013 – MSL –  Zcene Moving Meda


 TV-Commercial – De Bijenkorf

TV-commercial de Bijenkorf  –   Rodin Filmproductions

 De Bijenkorf

VMBO lesmateriaal Vlaams 2013 – Academia Press Belgie

For Academia Press Belgium we  recorded  VMBO teaching material Flemish 2013.  Direction, casting, audio, music and effects.

Academia Press

Herrijking – ANWB

 ‘ANWB Herrijking’ Directed by Sander Ligthart for Ab Talmon.

                                                            WT_ANWB.jpg     Talmon_Logo

Wifi On Board – KLM

Service On This Flight en Wifi On Board. Klm has equiped its first airplane with wifi. Voice:  Denise Rivera for Rodin Filmproductions.

Rodin klm logo

Denise Rivera

Simon Killer

Simon Killer (France, U.S. A.). Director Antonio CamposFilm Theme Music: ‘It Takes A Muscle Too Fall In Love’ [Michel Mulders/ Henry Overduin]. Used in the original version by Spectral Display. Since being picked up by IFC Films at last year’s Sundance Festival, “Simon Killer” screened at many festivals, and was the opening at the Film Comment Selects festival at New York’s Lincoln Center. Available on demand and on Blu-ray and DVD.

Trailer 1  Simon Killer       PLAY
Movie Clip – Simon Killer  PLAY


For TomTom have recorded navigation instructions with well-known Dutch actor Barry Atsma. Now downloadable at TomTom home.

TomTom world

Navigation instructions TOMTOM by well known radio host Heleen van Geest. A special edition for the  ANWB.

                 anwblogo TomTom ANWB


Fysio Holland, a website for physical therapy exercies. Voice-over:  Ilari Hoevenaars.   


Fysio Holland2

Geen Kind Buitenspel  PLAY

 a film by Sander Ligthart for Bureau Jeugdzorg. 

Jeugzorg1 Jeugzorg2

‘Post NL’, a film of  Metafoor Media, voice-over: Tim Gunther.

Post NL

Zcene Moving Media  wins prestigious price at the  International Corporate Filmfestival in Cannes ‘Rabobank Global Chains.

                        dolphin Global Chains

IVR platform for Rendac in Belgium and the Netherlands.  With the voices of  Meina Kentner for Germany and Hildegard van Nijlen and Beatrice Marlier for Belgium].  Comsys Nederland.


Comsys NL Rendac

IVR system for tram and bus in The Hague and Rotterdam ‘RET & HTM’,
 with the voices of  Carolina Mout & Claire King.


htm__1_logoRET logo

Destination The Netherlands, 4 monthly video magazine on board of KLM Airplanes with direction The Netherlands. Voice-over Denise Rivera.

Denise R

Destination The Netherlands and Schiphol Arrival & Transfer in 12 languages:  Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Cantonese, Korean, Brazilian Portugees and Arabic.  Rodin Filmproductions.

Rodin klm logo

Tele2  ‘IVR Platvorm’ for the  UK & the Netherlands, voice talent for the Netherlands Karin van As.

tele 2_zonder logo

OCW, dutch dubbing for Zcene Moving Media corporate video, direction Jonas Hemink.


Commercial for  Sky Team, voice-over: Denise Rivera.

Denise Rivera   SkyTeam_logo

‘Candelight poem’ by Jan van Veen voor ‘C1000-Jumbo’ event, direction Jan Fabel, Aventiq.

Jan v Veen

Various TV-commercials commercials Maison de Bonneterie ‘Royal Days’, for Dutchtree, Ad van de Boom

                                                 MdB1-1 Royal Days

Recording/Audiopost/Sounddesign  ‘Ricoh MDS’, for Zcene Moving Media, direction Maarten in het Hout.

Ricoh MDS2

AkzoNobel Audio-Podcast, for AkzoNobel, host Keith Nicols, concept develpment  Fiona Meenaghan.


More than 10 years; InfoSecure E-Learning & Business Topics. Clip modules in various languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spaanish, Hungary, Cinese Mandarine, Polish, Brazilian-Portugese, Greek, Russia, Czech, Rumanian, en Slowakian.


Funny Voices ! TomTom, 6  funny voices. Lucille Le Bangs, All The Way Annie, CoCo Carlton, Swami Injurkar, Yves Flamboyant en Direction Dude. Dowloadable via TomTom Home.

TT Cartoon copy TomTom world

‘Simon Killer’, premiere on the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. ‘It Takes A Muscle’, composed by Michel Mulders & Henri Overduin. In 1982 released in  13 countries. In 2011 covered bij M.I.A. and released as second single of the album  ‘MAYA”.

Simon Killer / France, U.S.A. (Director and screenwriter: Antonio Campos) — A recent college graduate goes to Paris after breaking up with his girlfriend of 5 years. Once there, he falls in love with a young prostitute and their fateful journey begins. Cast: Brady Corbet, Mati Diop, Constance Rousseau, Michael Abiteboul.


BAM Utilitybuilding. Zcene Moving Media

BAM Utiliteitsbouw

TV-commercials for Maison de Bonneterie, by DutchTree, Ad van den Boom.


Corporate Clip & Radio Commercial of ‘Achmea Vitale’ by Sander Ligthart. Voice-over Daniel Boissevain.


For Rabobank, Sapman by Zcene Moving Media in [Sounddesign/Music & Mixing].


For Rodin Filmproductions ‘Destination The Netherlands’, The new Schiphol Film, Arrival & Transfer in 11 languages. Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portugese, Japanese,  Cantonese, Korean and Arabic

                              Rodin klm logo

3 Audio-Podcasts, for AkzoNobel, questions by employees answered by Keith Nicols , concept development Fiona Meenaghan.

MSL Randstad


The first 3D corporate video NOW for Rabobank. Direction Bram Verlaan van Zcene Moving Media. [ 5.1 Sounddesign/Music /Mixing]

Now 3d

ARN Audio Tour Script & Production Bart van Wanrooij MSL Netherland.


Corporate film for BEBEKA,  direction Maarten in het Hout.  Zcene Moving Media. Voice-over Derek de Lint.

Bebeka   Derek de Lint

Ymere, corporate film,  direction Mark van Welzenis, for Zcene Moving Media. Voice-over Anna Drijver .

Anna Drijver

Trailer ‘Event Station’, video editing Lee Jung.

Event Station

It Takes A Muscle

It Takes A Muscle door M.I.A.                       PLAY   Download
It Takes A Muscle door Spectral Display  PLAY   Download

‘It Takes A Muscle’,  composed by Michel Mulders & Henri Overduin. In 1982 a hit and released in 13 countries. In 2011 covered and released as second single of the album  ‘MAYA” by  M.I.A.  The album MAYA reached no 9 in de US Album Top 200 and was no 1 in de US Dance Top Charts. In November 2010 she performed in  Paradiso, Amsterdam.

It Takes A Muscle   M.I.A

Audiovisuals for the Visitors Center van Hogeschool Rotterdam.  Sounddesign & music of the leaders/bumpers.


Provinciale Staten Verkiezingen – Postbus 51  PLAY

TV & Radio commercials for Provinciale Staten elections by MSL.

MSL postbus51   Verkiezingen2

Onbelangrijk – Terres des Hommes  PLAY

Terre des Hommes, TV, Radio en internet campagaign Onbelangrijk voor Terre des Hommes. Voice-over  Marike Jager.


For more than 10 years; InfoSecure E-Learning & Business Topics. Clip modules in the languages: Engels, Duits, Nederlands, Frans, Italiaans, Spaans, Hongaars, Kantonees, Mandarijn, Pools, Braziliaans-Portugees, Grieks, Russisch, Tsjechisch Roemeens, en Slowaaks.


Fanta – Octopussy   PLAY

TV-Commercial, voice-over Peggy Vrijens.


Ricoh Management Services   PLAY

Riooh Document Management  Services, for Zcene Moving Media, Dan Brinkhuis. In French, German, English, Italian & Spanish



Audiopostproduction/music/sounddesign for Powerhosuse Direction by Mark van Welzenis,  [Zcene Moving Media & More To].

Powerhouse Powerhouse1


English dubbing for the mini series  ‘Temptation’. ‘Certificate For Creative Excellence’ on the US international Film and Video Festival in California gewonnen. Direction Paul Simon. Written & produced by  Zee [Patty Stenger]/Moreto [Roland Sonneveldt].

US Int Film&Video




WPP, dubbing for 2 Cinema movies ‘Pelle En De Waterdieven’, a 3D animationfilm,



and the norwegian Child film hit en de noorse ‘Knoester’ [live-action] Directed by Maria Lindes. Engineered by Paul Simon.


Eisma Edumedia,  VMBO english. Direction, casting, audio, music & sound fx. Listening, Speaking, Engineering, Care & Welfare.


Duvel Billboard, voice-over Kees Broos


‘Instarts’  Conference Rabobank Nederland  Zcene Moving Media.

Rabobank Verg Nl    Rabobank

Fanta Mime   PLAY

More Fanta, Less Serious , TV-Commercial voice-over Peggy Vrijens.


Terre des Hommes, radio-commercials against childabuse.

TdH logo Emilio billboard

The britisch Grammy/Emmy Award winner M.I.A.  The album ‘MAYA’ with ‘It takes A Muscle’ has reached no 9 in de album top 200 in the USA.


Click voor download  It Takes A Muscle  door M. I.A. op iTunes

Mia Billboard copy   M.I.A

‘Randstad Good To Know You’ 4 Podcasts, for the Randstad 50 year Event, radio presentation Greg Shapiro.

MSL Randstad


Emilio – Terres des Hommes   PLAY

TV-commercial against childprostitution Terre des Hommes. [music-composition, sounddesign].

TdH logo Emilio billboard

Tweede Kamer Verkiezingen – Postbus 51 PLAY

MSL, TV & Radio commercials for the Tweede Kamerverkiezingen

MSL postbus51   Verkiezingen2


Queensday lottery, sounddesign and additional music.


Ricoh   PLAY

‘Ricoh’, for Zcene Moving Media, Dan Brinkhuis / Wim Coenen.


Ambiance Zonwering’, TV-Commercial ‘Billboard’ for RTL TV-stations direction Sander Ligthart.

Ambiance1 Ambiance2

Voice-over/dubbing recording in spanish, german and english for  ‘Fight Cancer’, KWF Kankerbestrijding. Stormchasers Amsterdam

Fight CancerKWF Kankerbestrijding

Intro, leaders & bumpers the event ‘Sportiviteit & Respect’, Hans


Hans Heesterbeek

Audionapost for Chiquita, ‘Streven naar Perfectie’ Emiel van der Meer. Directed by Sander Ligthart.

Chiquita1 Chiquita3

Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen – Postbus 51  PLAY

MSL, TV & Radio commercials for Gemeenteraadverkiezingen

postbus51   MSL


TomTom USA , three winners of the Indy-Car circuit. Worldchampions Scott Dixon,  Dario Franchitti & Juan Pablo Montoya.

TomTom world  IC Dario F IC ScottD IC-score

Vespa – Coca Cola   PLAY

TV-commercial . For the 25th aniversary of Coca Cola Light. Voice-over Bette Hoogendijk.


Para Todos – Coke   PLAY  (Fries)   PLAY

Coke Para Rodos TV-commercial 40″. For the first time three Coke products in one commercial: Coca Cola, Coke Light & Coke Zero. For Holland with the voice of Derek de Lint & for Friesland, with the voice of Erik de Vries.

Coke ParaTodos coca cola

Coca Cola TV-commercial, Tag On& Radiocommercial Stem Tom de Jong.

Hello You – Coca Cola   PLAY

Hello You

More Fanta Less Serious   PLAY

TV-commercial. Voice-over Oren Schrijver.



Two hour documentary for the Van Gogh Museum about the life and work of Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) “Inner Voice’ Thom Hoffman.


Tom Tom Navigation, german imitations:  Merkel, Naddel, Skydumont, Swiss Fun, Verona, Vienna Fun. And new recordings in Greek, Malay, Marocan Dariya, Croatian and Slovakian.

TomTom worldTomTm

Sounddesign, mixaing, voice collage. Presentation for the Gemini Ziekenhuis in Zeeland. De Beeldenfabriek. Directed by Gertjan Withagen.

Gemini2 Gemini

Wilkes Land   PLAY

Trailer & Documentary Wilkes Land, SienceMedia, Dan Brinkhuis.


Sounddesign and additional music for,  Oudejaars Trekkingsuitslag. Annelies Dop Live & Multimedia BV.

Alles Kan nieuw OJL_09_JP

Nazrul – Terres de Hommes   PLAY

Terre des Hommes ‘Nazrul’ Campaign against childprostitution. TV and Radiocommercials [music-composition, sounddesign & audiopostproduction] A Production by Bouwmeester van Leeuwen.

terredeshommes Nazrul1

DVD project Elysee Dental. Voice-Over Monique van Dalfsen


Fanta Orange For NRG3.


For Eisma Edumedia we directed and recorded english lessons for VMBO. Music, effects was added to radio fragments, poems, scenes en story’s from the daily life.

Esima_Edumedia1 Eisma09

For Rolf Onderwijs, we have recorded a Luister Cdrom. Sound from the daily life, in and around the house, in the forest, by the sea and orchestral musical instruments are being learned to the listenar.


Jaws – Staatsloterij   PLAY

State lotery Super Jackpot TV/Radio commercials A production of Annelies Dop Live & Multimedia BV .


Italiaanse Comics – TomTom   PLAY

Tom Tom Italian Comics. 15 new top commics, now available for TomTom navigation.

I Fichi D’india, Diego Eccezzziunale by Diego Abatantuono, Suor Nausicaa by Paolo Casiraghi, Dialet Bergamasc by Paolo Casiraghi, Nonno Anselmo by Omar Fantini, Il Pucci, Dialet Milanes by Pucci, Tubotubbies by I Turbolenti, Chicco Hicco D’oliva by i Turbolenti, Guilio Cesare by i Turbolent, i L’uomo Dei Pecche’ by Carmine Faraco, O’ Napulitano by Carmine Faraco, WINX by Rita Pelusio, La Sposa Pugliese by Rita Pelusio, Allexjo by Beppe Ferrara, BAZ 4.0


Documentary “Balanced Banking” for Rabo Development.[With Channel 4 presenter Seetha Hallet]. Production Zcene Moving Media. Direction Bram Verlaan.


Siti – Terres des Hommes   PLAY

Terre des Hommes, Change A Life. TV-commercial, 2 Tag-On’s & 3 Radio commercials [Music composing & sounddesign


AutoRai Life Event, A combination of Image, smell [live racing cars], and Sound. [musiccompositie/sounddesign 5.1 dolby digital surround]. A production of Hans


Township documentary about townships in Johannesburg and KaapTown Erik j. Meijer. Rodin Filmproductions


Nederlands Elftal – Staatsloterij   PLAY

Stadion Commercial for the playoff’s of the Dutch Soccer Team [musiccomposition, sounddesign & audionapost].

Een produktie van Annelies Dop Live & Multimedia BV.



Limis  PLAY

Limis ‘Clip’ for Zcene Moving Media [musiccomposition, sounddesign & audiopost]


IVR System for ‘ING BANK’. Direction Paul Simon, voice Eveline Scholten


Kia Soul   PLAY

Cinema commercial  Dolby Digital 5.1 .

TV commercials. Voice-Over Julika Marijn.

Kia Soundlogo and Radiocommercial for the new Kia Cee’d. Voice-Over Rene van Broekhoven. A production of Hans


State lotery drawing. Additional music-composition, sounddesign & audiopostproduction. A production of Annelies Dop Live & Multimedia BV


IVR platform for ‘Santander’ the biggest ‘finance-provider’ of the world. Voice artist Sophie Hoeberechts.


‘Erny van Reijmersdal’, een film van Erik J. Meijer. Een eigenzinnige produktie over het werk van couturier Erny van Reijmersdal. ‘Rodin Filmproductions’.


‘India’/ ‘KIT / Tropenmuseum Amsterdam. A Production of ‘Wennekes Multimedia’



Coca Cola – Hello You   PLAY

Coca Cola TV-commercial Coca Cola Hello You

Hello You coca cola

Jackpot – Staatsloterij  PLAY

State lotery lotery JackpotTV/Radio commercials A production of Annelies Dop Live & Multimedia BV .



A series of Radio commercials for Menzis. [music-composition sound- logo,recording & audiopostproduction]. A Production of Basiscommunication.

anderzorg anderZorg1

Yindee – Terres des Hommes   PLAY

Terre des Hommes Against Childabuse. Tindee TV en Radio


10.000 schools received a free DVD box with 150 Canon-Clips, gemaakt by ‘IDTV-docs’ about the history of the Netherlands. ‘Imme Dros’ wrote the text, read by  ‘Frank Groothof’. ‘Harrie Geelen‘ took care of the beautiful images.

                                Harrie Geelen                    Imme Dros

IDTV-docs  Harrie Imme Dros

For Eisma Edumedia we directed and recorded english and dutch lessons for VMBO. Music, effects was added to radio fragments, poems, scenes en story’s from the daily life.


IVR system for ‘ZIGGO‘ the biggest Cable Company of The Nederlands [Casema, Multikabel & @Home].


Jackpot – Staatsloterij

PLAY 1      PLAY 2     PLAY 3    PLAY 4     PLAY 5

Staatsloterij lotery Jackpot TV/Radio commercials. Music compositie/Sounddesign. A production of Annelies Dop Live & Multimedia BV.


Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 21.24.46

TomTom – Discovery Channel  PLAY

Discovery Channel Documentary item about the working of Tom Tom navigation. Filmed in our studio with UK voice Winnie Todd. Discovery Channel Europe .

Tom Tom Navigation Systems.  
Recordings for more than 60 languages, 90 voices en and celebrities

TomTom world


‘You Make the Difference’ a  film for NS by Mark van Welzenis for The Embedding Company.

NSInfoSecure E-Learning & Business Topics in de talen:Nederlands, Engels, Vlaams, Italiaans, Spaans, Pools, Zweeds, Slovaaks, Hongaars, Grieks, Braziliaans-Portugees, Macedonisch, Kroatisch & Tsjechisch.


5.1 Event for Ernst & Young produced by C-Two.


C-Two 01

Inbreker – ABN AMRO   PLAY

‘De Kleine Lord’, Francis Hodsgson Burnett,  by Vivian Boelen. ‘De Avonturen van Tom Sawyer’, by Margriet Vroomans & Pipo. Distributed by Karakter Uitgevers.

De Kleine Lord Tom Sawyer


‘Meeting Of Minds’ – Rabobank,

Zcene Moving Media Company [sounddesign/music-composition]



Dutch Tax And Customs Administration DVD [sounddesign & audiopostproduction]  Zcene Moving Media & Wonderland Film



X-Factor   PLAY

X-Factor Location items for X-Factor, filmed in the Studio

X-Factor        X-Factor   Cam

TV-commercial Tele-2
[voice-over recording & audionapostproduction


Kickoff State lotery’Álles Kan’ C-Two [Amsterdam] & Concise Multimedia [London] Spectacular Event [sounddesign, Dolby Digital 5.1 surround]

C-Two 01

Boekenweek – CPNB

Bookgift Campaign, Rene Appel CPNB Tv-commercial.

                                                            De Leeuw Is Los

Rene Appel - CPNB   Rene Appel  –  Maand Van Het Spannende Boek   PLAY
Saskia Noort - CPNB  Saskia Noort  –  Maand Van Het Spannende Boek   PLAY
Nederland Leest - CPNB    Nederland Leest  –  Maand vh Spannende Boek   PLAY

Samsung   PLAY

Samsung FunClubcommercial presentation ‘Push The i-button’ (35″) [sounddesign & audiopostproduction]


Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 21.53.03


UEFA Official Interactive DVD Game for Holland and Belgium [recording and postproduction].




Disney DVD Games Pirates Of The Carabeans and Trivial Pursuit.


Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 21.55.21

A royal diner with 360 guests, joined by koning Willem-Alexander and princes Maxima, was the start for the celebration of 400 years contact betweenthe Netherlands and Australia . Five projections: 4x 10 meters en 1x 14 meters, filled the Ridderzaal with image and sound. A multi-media production of C-Two [Marijke Bergkamp] & United135 [Karim Cheriff]. Studio Michel Mulders music-composition, sounddesign & audiopostproduction, Dolby Digital 5.1.



De Boompjes Documentary about the history and future of this famous Rotterdam kay. Sponsored by Ernst & Young who have builded here there new headoffice. Production realised in cooperation with VDM [music-composition, sounddesign & audiopostproduction]


Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 21.58.20


Rembrandt DVD Ministry of Forreign Affairs for Withagen Moving Media/Capital Interactive [audiopostproduction, 9 languages]



Cup Of Nations – Canon   PLAY

Canon DVD Invitation Canon African Cup Of Nations Gala Dinner’ Mr. Tsuruoka invites his gests for a gala diner on the evening of the finale. [Music-composition & Sounddesign]. Annelies Dop Live & Multimedia.



The Strongest Chain Dvd Production Rabo Bank ‘Food & Agri’ Zcene Moving Media [musiccomposition, sounddesign & audiomixing]


Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 22.03.23


‘Philips Simpicity Event’ Toonder Multimediaproductions [Dolby Digital 5.1 surround]

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 22.06.19


Cisco Systems  

Wave   PLAY

Wave - Cisco Systems

   Training  PLAY

Training - Cisco Systems

   Callcenter  PLAY

Callcenter - Cisco Systems

   Netwerk   PLAY

Netwerk - Cisco Systems

Tom Tom Navigation Systems. 
More than 60 languages, 90 voices:  Maxima, John Cleese, Johan Cruiff, Heleen van Geest ANWB, Barry Atsma.

TomTom world

Alturion Navigation Systems 12 Languages

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 22.10.48

Cosmic Navigation Systems

Cosmic Nav


Willeke – Schoonenberg Hoorcomfort   PLAY

TV-commercial & Radio-commercials



‘Benigno’, a documentary by Marlou van de Berge for VPRO- television DOKWERK. [sounddesign & mixing]


VPRO dok

‘The Story Landscape ‘ Cd-rom modern art, literature, music and theater join together. Computerart Jeffrey Shaw. Script by Dirk Groeneveld, Tonnus Oosterhoff and Wanda Reisel. Published by Stichting deBalie. [sounddesign & music].


‘Rabonizing’ DVD for Rabobank Zcene Moving Media Company [sounddesign & audiomixing]




CNE Cinema Net Europe – Filmfonds   PLAY

‘CNE’Cinema Net Europe Opening of the first Digital Cinema Network Europe. Digital 5 screen projection Tushinski [musiccomposition, sounddesign & Mixing 5.1] Netherlands Film Foundation. Annelies Dop Live & Multimedia.

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 22.19.27

Nederland aan de Spree  Ministery of Foreign Affairs Withagen Moving Media 3 languages [audiopostproduction

The Dutch Ambassy in Berlin   PLAY

Spree copy


Dutch Tax and Customs Administration DVD 10-films Zcene Moving Media [sounddesign & mixing]



Draftkeg – Heineken   PLAY

 Darfkeg Zcene Moving Media [muziekcompositie, sounddesign & mixage]

Draft Keg

Bewonder – Grolsch   PLAY

Grolsch Discover TV/Cinema Commercials Dolby Digital 5.1



Appelsientje – Riedel Dranken   PLAY

More than 30 Radio & TV commercials for Riedel dranken:
 Pappelsientje, Goudappetje, Pompelmoentje Fruitdruifje (45″) 
[music-composition] Being used over a period of 6 years.


Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 22.24.05

VSM – Homeopathie

Nisyleen   PLAY

Tussistin   PLAY

More than 40 Radio & TV commercials for VSM Homeopathy(40″) Tussistin, Spiroflor, Nisyleen, Cardiflor, Rinileen, [musiccomposition, sounddesign    & audiomixing] Nisyleen   Tussistin


Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 22.25.06


Later Is Te Laat Voor Water   PLAY

 Rabobank Zcene Moving Media [music-composing, sounddesign]

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 22.26.09

Annetje Lie VPRO-TV 75 minutes Drama production [sounddesign-audiopostproduction]

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 22.26.59

Betty Boop 2 episodes DVD/TV [dubbing/mixing] [Titelrole Tooske Breugem]


Tutenstein series 26 episodes TV [dubbing/mixing]

Nashuatec   PLAY

Nashuatec TV-commercial Zcene Moving Media [muziekcompositie & sounddesign]


Hoorcomfort – Schoonenberg   PLAY

Schoonenberg Willeke, TV-commercial [music-composing & sounddesign]

Boekenweekgeschenk – CPNB  PLAY

Giftcampaign Radio-commercials 17x CPNB [music-composing]

In Search Of Santa Bioskoop film [Dubbing /mixage Dolby Digital 5.1]

WhozNext  PLAY

Whoznext TV/Cinema commercial [sounddesign /Dolby Digital 5.1]

Who's next

Stivoro AntiRook TV-commercial BvH [muziekcompositie & sounddesign]

Miele Event Aventiq [Dolby Digital 5.1]


Sharing Our Dreams DSM Signum Niehe [sounddesign & audionabewerking]

ING House DVD Zcene Moving Media [muziekcompositie & sounddesign]

ING Leeuw2  ING Leeuw3


Totally Spies TV-series 26 episodes FOX Kids

Bey Blades TV-series 52 episodes FOX Kids

Enorm Enery  PLAY   PLAY

Enorm Energy

The Return Of The Penlite DVD Stibat [music-composing, sounddesign & audio]

Star Wars ‘The Attack Of The Clones’ 14 TV-commercials 20 Century FOX, Holland, Belgium & France

Clones3 Clones1

Cedric TV-series 13 episodes Yorin

Clifford The Big Red Dog TV-series 65 episodes RTL-4

Cedric TV-series 13 episodes Yorin

Clifford The Big Red Dog TV-series 65 episodes RTL-4

Secrets – Ketel One   PLAY

The Secret Of Ketel One DVD Ketel One Vodka [music-composing & sounddesign Dolby Digital 5.1]

25.000 DVD/Vhs copy’s


Koninklijke Landmacht 13 episodes Leader  and bumpers [music-composing & sounddesign]


Opening Event Goliiath Six Flags [music-composing & sounddesign]

goliath1  goliath2

Giftcampaign TV-commercials CPNB [muziekcompositie & sounddesign] 

A Soverign Selection DVD Ministry of Forreign Affairs [audiopostproduction, 8 languages]

For Birth Or Death Opera adaptation, Pierre Audi, ID&D Arts & Events/NPS [sounddesign, audiopostproduction]

forbirthordeath1 forbirthordeath2

The Sommels  TV-series 13 episodes VPRO [music-composing, sounddesign]


Bodydas TV-commercial [sounddesign & audio]

Stille Pijn Documentary Reumafonds, Remko Kruk, NCRV

Pettson & Findus Feature film [Dolby Surround]

Generations The Story Of Ketel One, DVD Ketel One [music-composing & audio Dolby Digital 5.1]

Discover Grolsch TV/Cinema commercials 90″, 60″, 45″ [music-composing & audio Dolby Digital]


Generations The Story Of Ketel One, DVD Ketel One Vodka [music-composing & sounddesign Dolby Digital 5.1]

Generations 1

Generations 2

Generations     ketelonevodka

Kirikou Feature film [Dolby Surround]Direction Maria Lindes.


Cisco TV-commercials/DVD/CD-Roms for Belgium & The Netherlands Cisco Europe

Link Spel Paula van der Oest, Drama production, Dutch RailwaysNS

National Geographic Channel Documentary series /Commercials

Nat Geo

Inspector Zoeky TV-commercials Van Melle [muziekcompositie & audio]


Thuisfront Drama Production, Ivo van Hove, NTR

Radio/TV-Drente 130 stationcalls.

RTV Drente


The Color Of War DVD/Video documentary series [direction, production & audio]


Land Before Time – Platvoet

The Land Before Time Part II, IV, V, VI VII, VIII, IX & X Videofilms/DVD [dubbing/ Mixing Dolby Surround/ Dolby Digital 5.1]



Trollz Serie 27 delen Nickelodeon [Dubbing, Direction, Mixing]


Carmen And I

Carmen Opera adaptation Harry Geelen, NPS [vocal recordings & audiopostproduction]   Titelrole by Frank Groothof.



Titanic 30 TV-commercials 20 Century FOX, Holland, Belgium & France.


Noach’s Island TV-series 13 episodes VPRO

Music-composition for more than 40 l ‘Modern Dance productions’ & ‘Theaterproductions’

Gotspe – Dansproduktie Choreography. by Hans van Manen, Helga Langen

                                                      Pauline Daniels

 She Said – Vals Bloed

She Said

Itsy Bitsy Spiderman Singing and Dancing doll. Sung by Paul Simon.


Beatrix Potter TV-series 6 episodes Tranlation & direction Harrie Geelen VPRO [DVD]


The Witches Roald Dahl 2-CD.

. Sjakie en de Grote Glazen Lift Roald Dahl.

                                         HEKSEN Sjakie


Mykosch Feature Film/TV-film, Danniel Danniel, NPS [music-composing & audiopostproduction].


Egg, Feature Film, Danniel Danniel, [music-composing & audiopostproduction].

Egg Jap Egg


The Pointsman – De Wisselwachter

‘Spring’   PLAY

De Wisselwachter, The Pointsman Feature Film/TV-film, Jos beStelling [music-composing]


De WW          FilmmusicSCCD001

   It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love

Spectral Display, It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love, released in 13 countries.

  By M.I.A.                      PLAY    Download 
By Spectral Display    PLAY    Download



It Takes A Muscle              Spectral-Display-lp


Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 22.44.47